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Lesley-anne Wilkinson D, Hyp TFT (alg)  MICHT

Contact me today for further information. Tel: 01916 826 918 - M:  07812 892 604 in confidence.

Hello and welcome to the website of Subconscious Solutions. A busy registered practice based in Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne, with a large Client base offering hypnotherapy in Gosforth and hypnotherapy in Newcastle the practice has a high success rate in treating a wide variety of conditions. It is built on successful results and satisfied clients

Whether you wish to stop smoking, control your weight, relieve stress and anxiety, or build confidence, we can help. Perhaps you are suffering from one of the many other conditions treatable by hypnotherapy, whatever your problem, we can offer you a free initial consultation, lasting 20 to 30 minutes. There is no obligation to proceed further. This initial consultation gives you a chance to understand how hypnosis and therapy can help with your problem. It is also important to feel comfortable and at ease with your therapist.

Clinic Hypnosis   SymbioDynamics   Thought Field Therapy (TFT)

Using combinations of the above techniques I have been successful in treating many clients, often only one or two sessions are needed. I have had a great deal of success with confidence building using a system called SymbioDynamics, see for more information.

We can treat ....

Subconscious Solutions can help transform your life!
We specialise in the management of Weight and Smoking

HOME VISITS. If you are unable to visit the practice in Heaton, but feel therapy would help you, home visits can be arranged.. We offer hypnotherapy in Heaton, hypnotherapy in Gosforth and hypnotherapy in Newcastle.

Subconscious Solutions

Clinical Hypnotherapy
The list is almost endless ....
Hypnotherapy - Heaton / Gosforth / Newcastle
Tel: 01916 826 918 - M: 07812 892 604 in confidence.

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