Sport performance
Success happens in your mind first!

Even though the game is the thing - we all like to play that game to the best standard we feel we are able. Well, let's face it - we all like to win!

That stiff upper lip can get very limp if we continually embarrass ourselves the moment we get out there.

So why is it that while we are in training we do so well it takes out breath away - but the moment we get out there we become incompetent?

The secret is that it is the game inside our head we have to win!

With that in the bag you can go from strength to strength. So often we rehearse for failure but I can help you to rehearse for success. I can't promise you victory every time you step on the field of play but I can offer you a better game - the possibility of victory and a feeling of self esteem at the end of the day.

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