Fear exists for a reason and can be a very useful survival mechanism. After all, its fear that lets you know that you need to take care of yourself and the people in your life. It's like a voice saying: 'You need to take action', and as such, it is rational. Phobias are a very common form of anxiety disorder, varying in severity among individuals. Most people who suffer from a phobia are only too well aware that it is irrational, but are powerless to override their initial panic reaction, while others can simply avoid the object of their fear and suffer only relatively mild anxiety. However, many people who suffer from a phobia experience full-fledged panic attacks with all the associated disabling symptoms.

Phobias  are irrational in nature, being out of all proportion to the object or situation which elicits the fear. People can be phobic towards almost anything, from velvet to water. Like chronic pain phobias really serve no useful purpose. There are far too many Phobias to mention but these are just a few:

If you suffer from a phobia, there really is something you can do about it.
In the hands of a skilled practitioner, hypnosis can indeed help with your phobia.

Fear of Dentists
Fear of Needles
Fear of Flying

Fear of Driving
Fear of being sick
Fear of Technology

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