Executive Stress
Stress affects the immune system and raises blood pressure.

Prolonged stressful situations can lead to insomnia and depression. When we are stressed our judgment may be poor, our temper short, and we are more susceptible to pain and headache. Warning signs that tell us we need to make some changes in our lives.  Sometimes we do not recognise these warning signs. Many of us do not realise how stressed we are until something gives - we become ill, depressed, take time off work, need medication.

Hypnotherapy provides a way to avoid these distressing outcomes.

A course of hypnotherapy sessions can help you release stress and find your own way into a life that is both happy and fruitful. Hypnotherapy is gentle, safe and painless. Making an appointment today could mean that you will not need to take time off work. It could mean that you will enjoy your job more. Maybe getting help now could make your whole life better.

So why wait until you feel out of control?  Take charge - learn how to let go and live! ....
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