Overcome Exam Nerves
We can all identify with the difficulties of studying for an exam, not to mention the sweaty palms and racing heartbeat just before the exam is due to begin. But for most of us these kind of exam nerves actually help motivate us and focus our minds.

However for some of us, exam nerves can be far more intense, leading to anxiety attacks, insomnia and appetite issues. For some of us, exams mean constant and chronic stress and the disappointment of achieving significantly below our potential. And unabated, this kind of trauma can have a dramatic impact on our unconscious mind, leading to more general, longer term performance based anxieties.

Our body already has natural mechanisms to handle the kind of stress associated with exams, but occasionally they need help in operating properly.  I will enlist the help of your unconscious mind to make the necessary changes to help you feel far more motivated about studying and far more excited about the results you might achieve.

And as a result, on exam day can have the presence and coolness of mind to really deliver to your full potential in these toughest of tests!

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